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The Quine Intellectual Property Law Group is experienced and prepared to provide services on technologies ranging from engineering to genetics, protecting your inventions in the U.S., Europe, and other foreign countries.  We are dedicated to providing quality patent drafting and prosecution services at a very competitive price.

QIPLG has 17 years of experience providing outstanding patent drafting and Patent Office interactions defending applications in a broad array of technologies.  Our hard core molecular biology, chemistry, and engineering staff are adept in prosecution of patents directed to nucleic acid compositions and sequences, small molecules, proteins, microfluidic devices, electronics, and sophisticated manufacturing processes.  We especially love working with mixed technologies.  We keep totally up to date in the seemingly ever changing case law environment affecting allowability of patents.

Give us a call to discuss the facts of your case.  We will be happy to arrange a free consultation to assess steps required to protect your ideas. 

Gary Baker, Esq., MT

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