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Intellectual Property Pages*:
1. Steps to Patenting Inventions
2. Patent Protection
3. Novelty Searches
4. Trade Secrets
5. Licensing Intellectual Property
6. Trademark Protection
7. Intellectual Property Links
8. U.S. Constitution

Technology and Art Pages:
9. Protein Purification for the Non-Scientist
10. Modern Lost Wax Casting of Silver Statues
11. Ancient Lost Wax Casting Techniques
12. Flight Training
13. Recipe Pages
14. Building a Small Pond with Filter
15.  Gary's Trip Around the World

Mechanics Pages:
16. Datsun 240Z Mechanics Main Page
17. Datsun 240Z Engine Rebuild
18. Pulling a Transmission
19. Replacing a Clutch
20. Replacing a U-Joint
21. Refrigeration/Air-Conditioning Repair
22. 240Z Performance Upgrades and Problems
23. 240Z Struts Replacement
24. Ignition Relay Set up
25. Tie Rods and Alignment
26. Front Brakes Upgrade

IP/Tech Blog
 News and Comments in IP and Technology

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Gary L. Baker, Esq.
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Patent Protection:
Mechanical Inventions - Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Simple Consumer Product Inventions, Novelties, Automotive Improvements, Etc.
Biotechnology - Genetic Engineering, Microarrays, Agriculture, Cell Biology, Protein Purification Process Inventions.
Medical Technology (MT) - Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Devices. Protection of Other Intellectual Property:
Protect Your Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Artistic Expressions with Appropriate Procedures and Documentation.

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