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The Last Lonely Traveler
- From the Extremes


Gary Baker BioPatent Commentary on All Subjects

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	Gary L. Baker, Esq., M.T. (Retired): 
	Patent Attorney, Cal Attorney,
	Process Engineer, Molecular Biologist,
	Medical Technologist, and Mechanic.
	San Leandro, CA 94579 
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Gary Louis Baker - Personal Background:

- Born, Raised, and Educated in Western Montana.  I Learned to live Simply and Not to Shy Away From Taking Risks.
- I Expected to Work In a Lumber Mill.  Then, Was Surprised to Earn the College Scholarship That Redirected My Ambitions.
- Professionally Certified as a Medical Technologist, My Income Rose 10-Fold.
- Unable to Spend Such Income, I Quit to Travel and Accidently Backpacked Entirely Around the World, 1.5 Years Alone
- Family Includes Hispanic, Jewish, Blackfeet, and Asians Among My Mixed-Race Children, First Cousins, and Half-Brothers.

Gary Louis Baker - Professional Background:

- Patent Attorney Registered to Practice Before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Since 1998 (License No. 41,595).
- Attorney at Law Licensed in Federal and California Jurisdictions Since 1993 (License No. 169671).
- Biotech Researcher with 16 years of Experience in Genetic Engineering, Cell Cultures, Protein Chemistry, and Process Development.
- Clinical Laboratory Scientist Registered with California State Board of Health (License No. 27345).
- Experienced Auto Mechanic, Private Aircraft Pilot, and Jeweler.

Education Includes:

- University of San Francisco School of Law- Jurisdoctorate
- San Francisco State University - Genetic Engineering Graduate Studies
- Long Beach Memorial Medical Center - Medical Technology Internship
- Montana State University - Microbiology B.S.

Exemplary Patents Mr. Baker Prosecuted:

- Image Recognition Using Holograms of Spectral Characteristics Thereof, U.S. Patent 10,139,779
- Two Stage Nucleic Acid Amplification Using an Amplification Oligomer, U.S. Patent 7,615,351
- Solar Modules, U.S Patent 7,569,764
- Flow Control of Photo-Polymerizable Resin, U.S. Patent 7,001,853
- Structural System of Interlocking Sheets, U.S. Patent 6,918,497
- Preservation of Bioactive Materials by Freeze Dried Foam, U.S. Patent 7,135,180
- Temperature Regulated Clothing, U.S. Patent 7,186,957
- Retrieval Catheter, U.S. Patent 6,966,914

Gary L. Baker, Esq., M.T.

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