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service square.jpg (52097 bytes)PATENT YOUR INVENTION   Biotech, Pharma, Mechanical, Consumer Product, Instrumentation, Informatics?  Work With Me To Patent Your Inventions From Anywhere In The World. 

BioPatentSm Intellectual Property Services

Patent Drafting, Quality Patent Prosecution, Office Action Responses, and Opinions.

In Almost Any Field, Such As: Mechanical Inventions, Consumer Products, Instrumentation, and Biotechnology.

We are One of the Only Patent Prosecution Firms in the East Bay.  Come See Us If You Live Near By.  However, Most of Our Inventor Clients Do Not Live In Northern California.  I Can Work With You Over the Phone and Internet to File and Prosecute Your Patent.

Gary.jpg (16919 bytes)Gary L. Baker, Esq., M.T.

Managing Director/President

Quine IP Law Group

Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 769-3516




I am the Managing Director of the Quine Intellectual Property Law Group of Alameda, California (Est. 1998).

I have been a Mechanic, Medical Technologist, QC Specialist, Genetic Engineer, Process Engineer, Civil Attorney, and Patent Attorney.  Hands on Experience.

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What is a Quality Patent Application?

I think a Quality patent is one that is granted and protects the owner's interests.  At the time of filing, it is often hard to know what challenges the application will meet at the Patent Office, and how competitors might challenge in the market place.  So, a quality patent needs to have at least a broadly descriptive specification.

A quality specification will describe the invention the owner wants to sell in the market place.  Sometimes I have trouble explaining to individual inventors of small businesses that the application also needs to describe embodiments they do not want to practice.  This gives flexibility to support claim amendments around surprise prior art during prosecution, and an opportunity to file a continuation with claims blocking a competitor's engineer around. 

Taking it further, good Figures are important to support aspects of the invention that may not be in the specification text (drawings tell 1000 words), and are required to show all elements of a device that are mentioned in the claims.  Multiple examples are important to fight enablement rejections, particularly in Asia and Europe. 


Fee Schedule:

1. Hourly Rate: Very Low for Quality, Experience, and Success.

2. Consultation: No Charge for the First Half Hour.

3. Deposit Fee: A Deposit is Generally Required for Initiation of Patent Prosecution. Client Account Deposits for Simple Inventions Can Range as Low as $5000; Complex Inventions to About $10,000 or more.  Additional Retainers May Be Required as Prior Retainers are Exhausted.  Excess Retainer Fees are Returned at Completion or Termination of Services.

For a detailed copy of my current fee schedule contact me at .


Patent Prosecution Including - Drafting of Patent Applications, Formal Drawings, Continued Applications, Responses to Office Actions, Desist Letters, Design Patents.

Opinions - Patentability, Validity, Freedom to Operate, Non-Infringement.

Hablo algun Español - Tengo una Ayudante con fluidez en Español.

Gary Baker - Background:

- Patent Attorney Registered to Practice Before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Since 1998 (License No. 41,595).

- Attorney at Law Licensed in Federal and California Jurisdictions Since 1993 (License No. 169671).

- Biotechnology Expert with 16 years of Experience in Genetic Engineering, Cell Cultures, Protein Chemistry and Process Development.

- Clinical Laboratory Scientist Registered with California State Board of Health (License No. 27345).

- Experienced Auto Mechanic, Private Aircraft Pilot, and Jeweler.

- Fluent reader (and stumbling speaker) in Spanish and French. 

Education Includes:

University of San Francisco School of Law- Jurisdoctorate

San Francisco State University - Genetic Engineering Graduate Studies

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center - Medical Technology Internship

Montana State University - Microbiology B.S.

Exemplary Patents and Applications:

Two Stage Nucleic Acid Amplification Using an Amplification Oligomer, U.S. Patent 7,615,351

Solar Modules, U.S Patent 7,569,764

Flow Control of Photo-Polymerizable Resin, U.S. Patent 7,001,853

Structural System of Interlocking Sheets, U.S. Patent 6,918,497

Preservation of Bioactive Materials by Freeze Dried Foam, U.S. Patent 7,135,180

Temperature Regulated Clothing, U.S. Patent 7,186,957

Retrieval Catheter, U.S. Patent 6,966,914  

Contact Gary Baker, Esq.

(510) 769-3516